Area of Restricted Airspace for Farnborough’s Airshow

farnborough airshow

To ensure the safety of aircraft taking part in this year’s various displays and the safety of General Aviation Pilots flying in the vicinity of Farnborough, Farnborough Airport has applied for and been granted by DAP an area of Restricted Airspace (Temporary).

The Airport has kindly distributed information about these restrictions and more information can be obtained by clicking on the following links:

Restriction of flying regulations: 9-22 July – 1

Restriction of flying regulations: 9-22 July – 2

Restriction of flying regulations: 15-23 July – 1

Restriction of flying regulations: 15-23 July – 2

Please note that the screen resolution of these documents is really low and we have requested clearer, higher resolution images/files from Air Traffic Control at Farnborough Airport. We will upload these as soon as they are made available.

According to the circular, more information may be obtained from the following website:

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