Drone Safety

Regarding Drone Safety, Brighton City Airport are aware of the increase of drones use. The popularity of drones has resulted in huge safety problems for airports with flights having to be diverted recently from major airports such as Gatwick due to the risk and inaccurate use of them. In addition, the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) have informed that new rules and laws will be applied regarding the operation use of drones due to the rising popularity of them.

Brighton City Airport aims to prevent accidents and delays of drones by promoting drone safety and asking drone users to follow the guidelines, rules and accurate information when using their drones. Whilst drones have great benefits, we advise drone users to operate them in a safe environment.

Three areas to follow before flying your drone

  1. Recognise and understand the current UK laws and rule (regularly check for updates)
  2. Recognise and understand the drone code
  3. Know where you can fly your drone legally as well as safety before operating

Regarding operating drones around Brighton City Airport and its surrounding – please find attached a Notice of Use of a Remotely Piloted Aerial System (RPAS) form for reporting drones in controlled airspace – RPAS Notice Form

In addition, for more information regarding drone safety, feel free to contact us at Brighton City Airport or see below the following: